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Area Rug Cleaning

carpet cleaning denver, area rug cleaning denverAs wall-to-wall carpet continues to become more unpopular, and alternative types of flooring fill hallways, family rooms and dinning rooms, area rugs are making a comeback in popularity. These textiles add warmth and comfort to an area with the advantage of being updated or redecorated without the traditional expense of replacing wall to wall carpet. Since these rugs are often found in the high-traffic areas of the home, they need to be cleaned and maintained to provide the longest life and optimum indoor air quality in the home. We at Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair Inc are happy to provide expert area rug cleaning for the Denver metro area. We can clean rugs made of a number of different materials, weaves and constructions. The process of cleaning area rugs is more involved than cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet. If a technician doesn’t know the proper way to handle a cleaning it can result in hundreds or even thousand of dollars of damage to the textile. We at Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair Inc are IICRC Certified in area rug cleaning, and have the experience necessary to provide you with the best and safest area rug cleaning service possible.

Our Process starts with a through Pre-Qualification of your Area Rug

First we do a through inspection of each area rug to be cleaned. This examination accomplishes a number of important functions to help us achieve the best results.

  • Identify the material the rug is made of
  • Identify the rugs’ construction
  • Identify the weave; hand knotted, machine woven, hand tufted ect
  • Identify problem areas and cleaning concerns
  • Go over with you any pre-existing damage to the rug
  • Let you know what a cleaning will accomplish

Next we will recommend one of two cleaning methods

In-place area rug cleaning

This type of cleaning works well for carpet that has been turned into a rug, and certain types of construction and materials. For thicker rugs it provides a moderate freshening up of the rug. It is also ideal if you cannot be without your rug for the 10-14 days it takes to clean them off site. In-place cleaning involves the following steps

  • Thorough vacuuming, usually going over the rug 3-4 times
  • Applying an appropriate pre-spray for the type of material
  • Rinsing the rug to remove soils, contaminants and cleaners
  • Pile setting
  • Air Mover drying

A quick note on thicker hand knotted and machine woven rugs: If there are pet spots, heavy traffic patterns, or it has been a few years since the rugs were cleaned we recommend the more extensive cleaning provided by in-plant area rug cleaning.

In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning

The process of doing an in-plant cleaning of your area rug will take around 10-14 days depending on the time of year. We provide pick-up and delivery service at no charge with our rug cleaning. In-plant cleaning is a much more thorough and extensive cleaning for area rugs. Some advantages of in-plant cleaning are:

  1. The complete removal of all dry soils, which a vacuuming cannot achieve.
  2. The rug can be thoroughly deodorized as it is completely submerged in the cleaning process. This provides optimum pet spot treatment.
  3. The cleaning solutions completely saturate the entire rug, making it much more likely that spots, stains, and spills can be removed.

In-plant cleaning involves the following steps

  • Thorough dusting of the rug removing many times more dry soil than vacuuming can
  • Specialty cleaners are applied to the rug, agitation is applied to help release soils
  • Thorough rinse removes soils, contaminants, cleaners and insoluble materials
  • Wet bath with odor removers, and pet spot treatment cleaners
  • Final rinse to remove all soils
  • Complete drying
  • Fringe treatments if necessary
  • Final pile setting and softening

Please feel free to contact us for your area rug cleaning needs.