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By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 12-12-2018

Should You Clean Your Carpet Before or After Company Comes?

Company means that there is bound to be a spill on your carpet. Whether its juice or wine, the dark red color splashed across white carpet can make your heart sink in a little inside. But should you clean your carpets before or after company? The short answers are... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 11-13-2018

How to Prevent Carpet Balding?

On a regular basis you will want to inspect your carpet to make sure that it is in good condition. One of the many ways to tell the health of your carpet is by the coloration and the wear of the carpet. We want to help you when it... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 9-4-2018

How to Keep Your Rug Clean?

Rugs are beautiful to have throughout the home. It can make a home seem cozier when you have hard flooring. It is also able to help a room look bigger and even add some division when you’re in a small space. Like with everything though, there is maintenance... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-12-2018

Reduce Allergies at Home

We have been hearing again and again that this season has been a terrible season for allergies. Many have said that this has been the worst they have experienced in years. The question now comes into play: what can you do? There are a lot of factors to... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 4-18-2018

How to Pick Commercial Carpet?

Many companies in the commercial world have decisions to make when it comes to the space they want to occupy. Maybe you’re about to do a major remodel to your company building. Whatever the case maybe it’s important to consider your flooring options when you’re looking at a... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 3-21-2018

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Your carpet is very important. Keeping it looking as good as it was when you first installed it is important. When you have beautiful carpet even throughout the years it means that your carpet is going to last longer. As the years go on wear and tear is going... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 11-14-2017

Natural Ways to Clean Your Carpet

We all love our carpet. There is just something about taking off your shoes from a long day at work and stepping onto your nice comfortable carpet. Over time it can look worn and not to mention the stains that have been acquired over time as the pets... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 10-3-2017

Best Furniture Fabric with Pets

Many of us have pets at home and we have all dealt with the frustration of having to keep our furniture clean from all the wonderful things that pets track in. Not to forget their wonderful hair that seems to just stick to everything. So, the question is:... [read more]

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 3-5-2015

Carpet Cleaning What makes The Responsible Care System Effective

We’ve all been there; searched the shelves, read the ingredient labels, checked the on-line reviews, and made the purchase– only to find out that the product we bought doesn’t do the job. This is one of the most frustrating parts of being an allergy sufferer. So we want... [read more]

CATEGORIES: Carpet Cleaning

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 2-23-2015

Carpet Cleaning Allergy Relief Cleaning System

Why do we offer The Responsible Care®System? Quite simply we offer The Responsible Care®System because we tested it on our own homes and it works. Like many of our valued clients, our family has allergy problems and concerns that vary from light symptoms to severe reactions that... [read more]

CATEGORIES: Carpet Cleaning