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By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 11-7-2019

Filtration Soiling: What is it and How to Prevent it

Have you noticed dark lines forming along the walls of your room, underneath doorways, or surrounding air vents? Well, don’t panic! What you are seeing is likely called filtration soiling and it can happen to even the tidiest of homes.

At Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair, we are dedicated to providing solutions for all of your carpet ailments. When it comes to filtration soiling, a little knowledge about what causes it to occur along with a few preventative measures can be all you need.

What it is

Filtration soiling arises when contaminants carried through your HVAC system are forced to pass through gaps, such as under doorways, and in turn move through your carpet. The fibers in your carpet hold onto those pollutants and act as a filter. The result, of course, is the discoloring of your carpet.

Particles that are often carried through your air in this way include things like, dust, smoke from cigarettes or candles, and oils from cooking. It is unreasonable to try to eliminate most of these contaminants, so the question that remains is, what can you do about it?

How to Prevent it

One simple way to reduce the issue is to remove gaps where the soiling is taking place. You can do this by being mindful to keep doors open when possible. This way, the air will not be forced down into your carpet as it travels. If you have seen grey lines forming along the edges of your carpet and baseboards, those air gaps can be sealed using an expandable foam sealant.

The filters for your HVAC system are your biggest line of defense against the grime. Be sure to replace your air filters regularly so that they’re the ones collecting pollutants and not your carpet.

In the same vein as changing your filters, it is also wise to have your air ducts cleaned every so often. Because dust and dirt are carried through your ducts and then redistributed to other parts of your home, having them cleaned is an excellent way to minimize your problem.

Odds are, however, if you are reading this article it is because you already have filtration soiling and want to get rid of it. That’s where the team here at Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair comes in! Filtration soiling can be quite stubborn, but we have professional equipment accompanied by years of experience and education, so you can be confident that we can tackle your carpet issues. Call us today for a free quote!