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Things That Will Help Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

Getting a professional carpet cleaner that meets your expectations can be challenging, though possible. At Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair, we offer top-notch carpet cleaning services across Denver and its neighborhoods. Being one of the leading cleaning companies, we recognize how hard maintaining carpet clean can be during winter. The steady effects of snow, ice, and ice melt on carpets can be overwhelming in winter. That's why we recommend the following tips to help you protect your carpet from snow damage.

Keep Walkways Clear

Preventive measures are some of the best ways of keeping your carpet away from snow damage. Clearing the walkway beside and in front of your entry door will prevent accumulating snow from entering your home in the first place. Use shovels and push brooms to clear debris along the walkway. You may also find it helpful to keep a bag of rock salt close to your doorway. That way you can sprinkle some onto concrete as needed to keep ice at bay.

Lay Down A Few Mats

Position doorway mats around the entry points of your house, both inside and out. Have a habit of stomping snow and debris off your shoes before making your way to the house. Make sure everyone in your household has a habit of this. On a similar note, keep your pets from dredging snow and mud into the house by making sure they wipe their paws at the door. It is not a bad idea to have dry towels by the door where your pets come in and out of the house. This way you can easily have something to clean their paws with on snowy, muddy days.

Institute a No Shoe Inside Rule

One of the best preventive measures for ensuring your carpet remains spotless during snowy periods is to not wear shoes inside the house at all. Have a shoe rack adjacent to the main house entrance where shoes can be stored. Offer slippers or cozy socks to guests. If certain family members are really attached to wearing shoes indoors, why not get them a pair of shoes that are specifically for indoor use.

Get a Professional, Reliable, and Tested Carpet Cleaner!

Despite your best efforts to keep carpet clean during winter, a cleaning may still be necessary at the end of the season. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair has a well-trained and skilled team who will offer you quality cleaning services. Our trained staff use the latest eco-friendly cleaning techniques and technology that meets your demands and expectations.