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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 5-8-2019

Ways to Prevent Pets Scratching Your Carpet

Carpet is essential to the home but so are your furry little creatures. As with all pets, there is no regard for your carpet and their claws and teeth can really do some damage. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair has seen a lot of carpet that needed cleaning due to pet stains and repairs due to pets and their lovely claws. As your professional family owned and operated carpet cleaning and repair company in the Denver area, we want to help you prevent any damages and stains that can come to your carpet from your lovely pets.


Dogs can at times get bored and want something to occupy their time until their owners get home. This means that they might possibly turn to your carpet. They can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. They can cause tears, balding, rips, and holes leaving you in sore straights on what to do. Many homeowners have been able to help prevent such damage to their carpets by buying a cheap rug to help at least give them a layer of something to chew on if it were to happen. Others have found that it is very beneficial to buy chew toys to keep them occupied.


The biggest damage that we have seen when it comes to cats is that they just want to be with the ones that they love. They don’t like being locked out of any room but especially rooms that their owners are in. This then causes them to put their cute little paws and claws underneath your door causing balding to happen and therefore a patch is needed in order to make your carpet look like new again. When it comes to your beloved cat, just make sure to open the door. If it really is a cat free room though order some carpet protectors that are specifically designed to go under the door jams that will protect your carpet from their claws.

If you have come home and found out that your pets need a bit of extra love and attention, then call us today! We can help you with carpet repairs by doing carpet patching. We are also able to clean your carpets so that they look as beautiful as the day you had them installed. Call us or fill out our online request form!