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Vacuuming Between Professional Cleanings

At Elite Carpet Cleaning, we offer residents in the Denver Metro area professional carpet cleaning and carpet repair. The way you care for your carpets in between our professional cleanings, however, makes all the difference in the world. Regular maintenance of your carpet should include vacuuming. And while vacuuming does sound rather straightforward, we have a few tips that will ensure that your regular vacuuming schedule is cleaning your carpets to the best of your ability.

Have a Regular Schedule

First thing first is to have a regular vacuuming schedule. Some people may just rely on their sense of sight to know when to vacuum, but the truth is that if you wait for your carpets to look dirty, they will be too difficult to clean on your own. Dirt, grime, detritus, pet dander, and all naturally settle on your carpet as you live in your home. Then, as you walk on top of carpets, those things get worked deeper and deeper into the fibers of your carpet. When you keep a regular schedule of vacuuming, however, these nasty things will be removed before they have a chance to settle deep into your carpets.

Don’t Rush Things

Another important point to bear in mind when vacuuming is to go at the right pace. Rushing through the vacuuming process will not properly clean your carpets. As you go over an area, think about the motion of the brushes. Give them time to spin over a patch of carpet and loosen and dislodge dirt or debris. Make sure to pull the vacuum back and forth slowly and make several passes over each portion of carpet.

Give Special Attention to High Traffic Areas

Naturally, the more foot traffic an area of carpet gets, the more soil buildup it is going to get. Think entryways, hallways, and living rooms. These areas are going to need extra TLC to stay on top of the extra grime they get exposed to. You may even consider vacuuming these areas every other day to keep them in pristine condition.

Keep Your Vacuum Clean

Lastly, it is important to keep the vacuum cleaner itself clean and clear so that it can do its job. When the canister in your vacuum is full of dirt, air will not be able to flow properly through the machine and this will prevent all the other functions of the vacuum. That means that even though you are going through the effort of cleaning your carpets, those efforts are essentially going to waste. Don’t let that happen to you! Just be sure to empty your vacuum cleaners waste canister before each use.

And there you have it! A few ways to optimize your regular vacuuming schedule in between professional cleanings.