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How to Clean Grout

Clean grout is important when you want the tile in your house to look perfect. Keeping it in good repair is also necessary when you want to prevent water from penetrating your tiles. To maintain the grout in your home, regular cleaning is required. Since there is no shortage of types of cleaners on the market, allow us to break down the different kinds. This way you can better decide which type of grout cleaner will suit your needs the best.

Using Acidic Cleaners to Clean Grout

An acidic cleaner will contain either phosphoric or sulfuric acid. These types of cleaners are safe to use in a home with children or animals if they are not in the room when you are cleaning with them. These solutions get your grout clean by etching into the top portion of the grout and opening the pores. Just remember, the acid in cleaners can break down your grout over time, reducing its usefulness.

Using Alkaline Cleaners to Clean Grout

If you are dealing with mildew or mold stains, alkaline cleaners are a great choice. These are bleach-based cleaners that work well for these issues. Ordinary household bleach can be diluted with a little bit of water and then used on your grout. The ratio should be one part bleach to ten parts of water. Make sure to remove every trace of bleach when you are done so that you do not leave a white film on the grout.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Grout

Hydrogen Peroxide will also do a good job cleaning grout. The peroxide can be mixed with equal parts of oxygen bleach and water. Simply apply the mixture straight to the grout and allow it to sit for about ten minutes. This mixture does not leave a residue on your grout. Gently brush the grout with a soft nylon brush to clean the stains from it.

Using a Steam Cleaner to Clean Grout

Steam is another cleaning option. You can rent the equipment yourself, or many grout cleaning companies utilize this method of cleaning as well and they can assist you. Either way, steam cleaning is both effective at lifting stubborn dirt and grime and it has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

We recognize that many in our community are very busy. If you are noticing stubborn stains in your grout and do not have the time or means to remove them, reach out to Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair for help. We have professional, powerful tools that will remove stubborn grime in no time. Give us a call today!