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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 3-23-2021

Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Have you been considering doing a weekend project of carpet cleaning? Denver has a number of locations that rent out equipment. There is also the option of spending around $300 and purchasing a machine at your local department store. The question that arises from this is how well do these machines work, and is there a monetary benefit to doing your own carpet cleaning in Denver? We will consider the pros and cons of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning.

First, there are some cons to doing your own carpet cleaning in Denver.

There are 3 issues that come up with do-it-yourself machines that separate them from professional equipment.

  • Equipment: The problem with the machines that you can rent, or buy at the local supermarket or hardware store is that they don’t get the water hot enough to truly get your carpet deeply cleaned. They don’t have the suction power to fully remove the dirt and grime from your carpet. A typical do-it-yourself machine costs roughly $300. A quality professional portable machine costs around $4,000, and most cleaners typically spend nearly $18,000 for a professional truck mount unit. Which of these systems do you think does a better job? If all of them worked the same do you think professional cleaners would spend the money for a truck mount when a $300 machine would do the same job?
  • Quality of cleaners: The quality of the cleaners that come with a do-it-yourself machine is another issue. These over-the-counter cleaners are designed as universal products that anyone can use and will not damage their carpet. Your local carpet cleaning professional has access to much more effective cleaners that are not sold to the public. These cleaners are supplied to qualified professionals because when used correctly they do a far better job of cleaning than any over-the-counter cleaner, but if used incorrectly they can damage your carpet.
  • Time: The question to ask yourself is “How much is my time worth?” Do you really want to try and save a few dollars by going out renting equipment, learning how to use it, doing the actual work, then cleaning up and taking the equipment back? Is it really worth it?

The end result of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning may be a rug that looks clean, but there is still dirt and environmental pollutants in it. Another thing to think about is dry time. One of our customers had previously rented a machine and did her own carpet cleaning. Even though Denver has a dry climate, and she did the carpet cleaning in the summer, her carpets were wet for 3 days.

With what we just mentioned, what are the pros of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning?

There are in our opinion 2 pros of renting or owning a carpet cleaning machine.

  • Emergency use: This is especially true of owning a small handheld, or upright machine. This machine is perfect for doing carpet upkeep, meaning you will not have to call that Denver carpet cleaner as much. These are lifesavers when a drink or some food is accidentally spilled on the carpet. If you have a pet, one of these little carpet cleaning machines is vital. Why do we recommend this? Because the longer a spot sits on your carpet the less likely it is to clean off. If you can treat it right away, and you Scotchgard your carpet once a year, there is a good chance you will remove all of the spots.
  • Light Interim Cleaning: Interim cleaning is really where a do-it-yourself machine finds its niche. If you want your carpets to be cleaned every couple of months, and don’t want to hire a professional company to do the work, a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine might be what you need. Just remember that interim means not very dirty, more of a maintenance cleaning. If you are moving out of an apartment, or have not cleaned your carpet in over a year these machines won’t do. Even when doing regular interim cleaning we recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in the Denver area to do thorough cleanings every 12-18 months.

We understand that times are tough, and to hire a properly trained professional company is more than the cost of renting a machine at your local grocery or hardware store, but when you add up the machine rental, cleaners, and especially your time (yes your time is valuable and should be part of the cost equation)and compare it with the quality of what you are getting, you find the real VALUE of what you are getting. In the end, it is your decision to make, and ensuring that you understand the true value of what you are getting will help you make that decision.

Are you thinking about hiring a carpet cleaning company in Denver? Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer a risk-free money-back guarantee. Feel free to take a look at our certifications. You can book online or give us a call today!