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Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery cleaning can be daunting, especially when faced with a stubborn stain. It's natural to want to act quickly to remove the spill and prevent it from setting in. However, not all cleaning methods are appropriate for all types of upholstery and using the wrong technique can make the stain worse or even damage the material. Before you attempt to clean your upholstery, you need to know a few rules on how to do so properly.

Rule 1

Check The Care label. Your upholstery will indicate the recommended cleaning methods, and following these guidelines is essential to avoid damaging the fabric. You may see four codes on the care label: W, S, W/S, and X.

Code W means that you can spot-clean the upholstery with a water-based shampoo or foam cleaner, but it does not indicate that the item is machine washable. Fabrics with this code are typically the easiest to clean.

Code S indicates that the fabric can only be cleaned with solvents and should only be cleaned with a water-free solvent or dry-cleaning product in a well-ventilated room, away from open flames.

Code W/S means that you can use mild detergent, steam, or dry cleaning, but it is always a good idea to perform a spot test on a hidden area of the fabric before using any cleaning method.

Code X means that only vacuuming or light brushing are allowed, and using water, water-based cleaners, or solvents may result in staining the fabric.

Rule 2

Blot, Blot, Blot. The key to effectively removing a stain is to act quickly and use the right technique. Blotting the stain with a clean, absorbent cloth is the best way to remove it without causing further damage to the fabric.

Rule 3

Regular vacuuming. It is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your upholstered items—vacuum once a week, including under cushions, to remove dirt, crumbs, and other debris.

Rule 4

Apply a Fabric Protectant. Protectants play a crucial role in protecting your upholstery from stains and dirt, especially for frequently used items. A fabric protectant creates a barrier between the fabric and any spills or stains, making it easier to clean up and reducing the likelihood of permanent damage.

Rule 5

Get a Regular Professional. Cleaning Professional upholstery cleaning ensures that your furniture is thoroughly cleaned, removing dirt and grime that regular vacuuming and spot cleaning might miss.

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