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By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 11-13-2018

How to Prevent Carpet Balding

On a regular basis you will want to inspect your carpet to make sure that it is in good condition. One of the many ways to tell the health of your carpet is by the coloration and the wear of the carpet. We want to help you when it comes to making sure that your carpet is in the best condition possible. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair knows what it takes to keep carpet in a healthy condition. In our years of carpet cleaning we have been revive dying carpet and restore it to its natural beauty.

One of the major signs to severely damaged carpet is carpet balding. When carpet isn’t taken care of beetles can come in and start to deteriorate your carpet to the point where you don’t have any in some spots. This causes major carpet damage that take serious steps to remedy. Our carpet cleaning and repair services can help in that remedy to be able to save the rest of your carpet and make the spots that they did attack like nothing happened. We want to help you with your carpet before that point though.

If you see signs of severe discoloration and haven’t had your carpets cleaned, then it would be advantageous to have them cleaned. Many people want to save a couple of dollars and therefore do it themselves but if not done properly it can damage your carpet even more. Not all carpet cleaner solutions should be used because they can leave a residue that invites dirt and foreign material to it. Once they are there the residue attaches to them leaving your carpet in worse shape than it started. So, call the professionals to help make your carpet as healthy as it was when it was first rolled out.

With new houses going up everyday many families have not had any discoloration appear on their carpet. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair want to help you keep your carpet in the best health possible. The first way in doing that is by the homeowner vacuuming it once to twice a week to make sure there isn’t any dirt getting and other material getting trapped in the carpet fibers. The second is to have your carpets cleaned by professionals on a yearly basis. This will help to keep your carpet in pristine condition.

Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair is here to help bring your carpet back to life. There is so much to do around the house that it can be hard to keep up with, but you have a friend who can help lighten the load. Call us today if you’re in need of any carpet cleaning and repairs. We can help make your carpet look like new again.