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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-4-2021

Should I Spot Dye My Carpet

Do you have an unsightly bleach spot on your carpet that you are considering trying to bring back to its original color with dye? Here are a few things to consider before you decide.


Dying a spot will almost always be visible but it may be a much more cost-effective route to take if the spot is small enough. The larger the spot the harder it will be to disguise the dye job. If the spot is larger than 5inches in diameter you may want to consider hiring a professional with experience in dyes.

In order to successfully dye a stop in your carpet, you will need a good understanding of how to mix colors. If you have an artistic eye or are experienced at mixing colors this might be right up your alley.

White Bleach Spots

These are the easiest to dye since there will likely be no color mixing necessary. You will just need to find a dye of the same color as your carpet to apply.

Yellow or Orange Spots

These are more difficult to fix because you will need to understand color theory to get the right dye color. You will need to apply the absent primary color before proceeding. Let’s consider an example.

Say you have green carpet with a yellow spot. If you simply add green over the yellow, the spot will never come to look the same. Green is made up of yellow and blue, so the best way to get a similar color will be to add a bit of blue first to offset the yellow. Then you will be able to add green after the yellow has been “neutralized”.

Pink or Purple Discolorations

Because these fibers are not nylon or wool, they are not conducive to acid dyes.

Before Application

Before adding dye, you will need to successfully neutralize the bleach crystals in the spot otherwise they will continue to discolor any dyes you add. There are products created to neutralize liquid or powder bleach.

Acid Dye Application

Dye pens and liquid dyes are the simplest to use. Though powdered dyes can be less expensive, they require chemicals and effort to mix them.

All acid dyes require high heat and careful application. The heat must reach at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise you risk the dye fading in a short time. Patience is key so that you do not apply to dark of a shade because once that is done there is likely no going back. You will be left with a dark spot instead of a light one! Start with a small amount, you can always add more if needed.

In summary, dyeing a bleach spot can be an effective solution but will need research and consideration of your carpet type and an understanding of colors in order to be a viable option.

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