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Carpet Cleaning in Denver, co

Carpet Cleaning is our specialty here at Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair. We have been serving the residents of Denver, CO for many years and have gotten much praise for the work that we do simply because we do it right the first time without extra charges or surprise hidden fees. This has surprised many of our customers. We treat light pet spots, heavy traffic areas, heavy soiled areas at the outset and we do a heavy cleaning to your carpets. Afterwards we do post spot cleaning for especially stubborn spots. We then do a final finish to your carpet and speed dry it with high velocity air movers. This process has allowed us to make your carpets look brand new and feel soft.

Along with our exceptional customer service when we clean your carpets we have more than reviews as our credentials. We have our IICRC certifications. This stands for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is an important certification to us because it has set the standards for cleaning and restoration work done. We make sure that each of our workers is continually up to date with personal certifications as well as we keep our certifications ongoing as a business. This means that each year we make sure to take the time out to requalify to maintain our IICRC certification.

Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at one of the many reviews that we have gotten:

“The cleaning technicians were on time, in uniform, respectful and polite. Before any work was startedwe were thoroughly comfortable with exactly what services were going to be performed and what it would cost.We really like how they protect your home during the cleaning process. Also, while they work efficiently, you can see how they take their time to do things right and make it thorough. In the endour carpets looked amazing andthe cleaning went beyondour expectations.”

- Jonathan & Amber H.