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Our Story

Our story began in 1998 when I decided it was time to leave my dead-end job and build my own business to care for myself and my family. I started a cleaning service that focused on residential work. Through the years my entire family worked with me, my wife Ronda, my daughter Mindy, and my son Troy.

After successfully running that business for many years I noticed a common issue that faced many homeowners. Our service would constantly follow the carpet cleaning in many homes. Often, the homeowner was frustrated. The carpets had looked OK for a day or two, but then spots came back, traffic patterns were visible again, and the carpets had already lost the luster they had after cleaning. The homeowner was never informed of what was going on, what to expect, or given options of how to care for and maintain the carpet. There were also problems with crunchy carpet, persistent smells, skipped areas, and companies that wouldn’t come back and take care of these issues. Homeowners felt cheated, having hired someone based on a low price, only to find that the price quoted didn’t apply to the cleaning they needed.

That is when I decided to create Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair. I did exhaustive research, got certified through the IICRC, and began to build a carpet cleaning company that not only does amazing work, but one that provides you, the homeowner, with the communication, knowledge, and tools necessary to take charge of your carpet cleaning and, for once, to be happy with your carpet cleaner.

I always liked what I did with my other business, but I love what I do with Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair. Really renewing a carpet in someones’ home brightens up their lives. As one customer told me “It feels like my whole house is smiling.” I love the feeling of knowing I have provided a service that has amazed someone, far exceeding their expectations. I am happy to run a carpet cleaning business that doesn’t use unethical tricks to attract new customers. I believe in being honest and up-front, treating you with dignity and respect. I am looking forward to meeting you and giving you the service you deserve, the service of Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair.


Jeff McLaughlin

Owner & President of Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair Inc.