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By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 9-4-2018

How to Keep Your Rug Clean

Rugs are beautiful to have throughout the home. It can make a home seem cozier when you have hard flooring. It is also able to help a room look bigger and even add some division when you’re in a small space. Like with everything though, there is maintenance that has to be done. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair knows the best methods when it comes to making sure that your rug is clean and in good condition. We aren’t just your professional carpet cleaners though, we are also your professional rug cleaners. Here are the tips and tricks to keeping your rugs clean and in good condition.

The best way to keep your carpet clean and well maintained is by vacuuming. Although this seems like a simple step it is not to be underestimated. The vacuum picks up a lot of the dust and dirt that collects on the rug over time. This may seem like a small step, it is crucial when it comes to spills and stains. The reason that they are so hard to get out is because the dirt and dust holds the spill or stain in making it hard to clean. Therefore, make sure to vacuum regularly so that there isn’t any dirt and dust for it to hold onto.

We all love our furry little creatures. They however love to leave traces of themselves behind like their hair. Shedding animals can be very frustrating. Make sure to take the time to brush the pet hair out of your rug on a regular basis. This will also help keep your rug in good condition and looking beautiful. Make sure when you do so that you brush it in the direction of the nap. This will ensure that you don’t mess up the rug when you do brush it.

There are certain traffic patterns and foot traffic that can start to develop based on where your rug may be placed in the home. This can make your rug become more worn out on one side than another. To prevent this from happening make sure to rotate your rug every 6 months or so. This way only one spot isn’t wearing out while the rest of it looks like its pristine condition. This will help the overall life of your rug last longer.

When it comes to a deep cleaning of your rug it will depend on what type of rug that you have. Older rugs that have been hand woven must be handled with delicacy and care but if you just up and bought it from your local store down the street or online its likely not going to be that. Therefore, what will matter most is the rug classification and what it falls under which changed the type of pile and if it was done by a machine or not. This can get very tricky and a little scary if you’re paranoid that you’re going to ruin the rug. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can help! We have two types of processes that you can choose from when it comes to cleaning your rug. Take a look at the options we have available and call us today!