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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 10-6-2014

Carpet Cleaning is a Key Part of Allergy Relief

Allergies, the misery so many of us have to deal with. Now you can fight back by destroying the allergens in your home. This doesn’t mean using a hypoallergenic cleaner, which is just something that is not likely to cause an allergic reaction. This means using a cleaning system that actually destroys the allergens in your home and provides continued protection for up to six months.

What causes allergy’s anyway?

Effectively ridding your home of allergens depends on understanding how allergies work. Here’s what happens: Allergens are proteins to which your body has been overexposed. They have unique shapes that identify them as allergens to the immune system. In response to overexposure, your body begins to consider these proteins to be harmful intruders from which you must be protected. Your immune system prepares to protect you by producing IgE antibodies. The IgE antibodies roam through your body, seeking out the shape of those specific proteins they were designed to attack. Once they find those allergens, the antibodies respond by locking onto them. This triggers a chemical reaction designed to protect the body from infection. This rush of chemicals into the body is what is experienced as an allergic reaction or an asthma attack.

  • In 2002, the National Institutes of Health published the results of a 3-year study determining that 46% of homes in North America have bedding with enough dust mite allergen to cause allergies.
  • Doctors now recommend that the most important way to reduce symptoms, control and even prevent the development of allergies and asthma is to avoid or minimize exposure to these indoor allergens.

Why it takes more that a standard carpet cleaning to get thorough allergy relief

After a thorough, professional cleaning to remove as much allergen and allergen food sources as possible, the next step is to change the shape of, or denature, the allergen proteins that remain. It’s that simple! The IgE antibodies will not identify or lock on to proteins that are a different shape. Allergy Relief Treatment™ is a very safe, simple, and highly effective way of changing the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body! Nothing about the allergen is changed except its shape, and because the IgE antibodies do not lock on to the altered shape, there is no allergic reaction.

  • Reducing allergen levels in the home to concentrations below the levels that can cause allergy symptoms is a key part of managing allergic illness.
  • Allergy Relief Treatment™ has been laboratory tested and proven to be effective in denaturing the allergen proteins produced by cats, dogs, and dust mites.
  • In laboratory tests, Allergy Relief Treatment™ produced results that would achieve the desired effects even in homes with the highest concentrations of allergens, and the protection it provides lasts for up to six months.

Anti-Allergen services don’t replace all the other sound Environmental Control practices for allergy control. But by coming at the problem in a totally new and different way, the levels of allergen are radically reduced, often providing instant relief.

More information on the environmental safety and effectiveness of The ResponsibleCare® System will be in the next two blogs.