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Benefits of Scotchgard for Your Carpet

You make an effort to take good care of the things in your home. Doing so helps things remain in good condition and extends their lifespan. Of course, if you have carpet in your home, this is included. No doubt you regularly clean and care for the carpeting in your home and this can go a long way in maintaining its appearance and function. Another thing that you can do to help your carpets remain beautiful is to have them treated with Scotchgard. Here are a few reasons it is beneficial.

Stops Stains in Their Tracks

The main reason to have your carpets treated with Scotchguard is to repel spills and prevent stains. Scotchgard works by creating a liquid repelling barrier on the surface of your carpet. Which ultimately gives you a greater window of time to clean up spills before they can work their way into your carpet and create permanent stains.

Keeps Carpet Beautiful

Because Scotchgard acts as a soil repellent, this means that the look of your carpets will be maintained. Even when it experiences heavy foot traffic, your carpet will remain clean and spotless thanks to this protective treatment. Dirt and debris can be simply vacuumed up without leaving traces behind.

Halts Odors

When liquids are able to work their way into the fibers of your carpet, smells can easily develop. Because Scotchgard stops liquids from seeping into the depths of your carpet, you can remove them at the surface before they have a chance to begin smelling badly.

Extends Carpet Life

Since Scotchgard prevents dirt and messes from becoming embedded in your carpet fibers, aggressive vacuuming and scrubbing is not required to keep your carpets clean. Repeated scrubbing and excessive vacuuming contributes to the deterioration of carpeting materials. When you have a protectant applied to carpets, their lifespan will be extended since the need to scrub out stains is removed or reduced.

Carpets are an investment. You can take good care of your investment by having your carpets treated with Scotchgard every 18-24 months. At Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair, we gladly offer Scotchgard treatments for our clients. Contact us today for a free quote!