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By Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair 12-18-2019

Make Your Carpet Smell Naturally Fresh

Over the years your carpet can show a lot of signs of wear and tear. When it comes to those signs, there is the obvious fact that your carpet has become darker over the course of time. Most homeowners will try to clean their carpet themselves. This can work depending on the type of carpet cleaner you use and how often you clean them. Typically, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned every year. If you’re trying to save money here are a couple of tips you want to keep in mind that go beyond just cleaning. It has to do with making sure that your carpet also smells fresh. Here are some natural ways to make your carpet smell fresh after giving it a good cleaning.

Baking Soda

Every homeowner typically has a good supply of baking soda in their home. This works as a great deodorizer. Not only does it neutralize the smell, but you can cause your carpet to smell the way you want it to. Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. Their uses are endless. One of the ways that you can use them is by adding a couple of drops to the baking soda and mixing the two before you put it on the carpet. Once you’ve got it mixed, you’re good to evenly spread it across your carpet. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, then once the time is up you’re free to vacuum. This process will leave your home smelling like the essential oils you decided to put in there.


It’s true that vinegar does have a strong smell. You might be wondering why you would even use it with the reputation it has to make the whole home smell like it when you just open the lid. The truth is that it becomes odorless when it dries and neutralizes any bad smell in the process. When it comes to using vinegar, you must put it in a spray bottle and spray it evenly on your carpet and let time take care of the rest. If need be you can repeat the process until the smell is gone.

If you truly want your carpets to smell fresh, then the only proven option is to get it professionally cleaned. This will remove whatever may be causing it to smell bad and leaves it with a fresh smell at the end. Clean is always a good smell to have when people walk through your home. What better aspect of your home to clean, other than your carpets. People relax, lay down, and sit on what people walk on all the time. Not to mention your more precious possession, your child, to crawl around and put its face in it all day long. Don’t wait any longer! Call us today for a free evaluation. Elite Carpet Cleaning does quality work at a reasonable price!