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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-19-2013

What to know about Do It Yourself carpet cleaning in Denver?

Have you been considering doing a weekend project of carpet cleaning? Denver has a number of locations that rent out equipment. There is also the option of spending around $300 and purchasing a machine at your local department store. The question that arises from this is how well do these machines work, and is there a monetary benefit to doing your own carpet cleaning in Denver? We will consider the pros and cons of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning?

First there are some cons to doing your own carpet cleaning in Denver.

There are 3 issues that come up with do-it-yourself machines that separate it from professional equipment.

  • Equipment: The problem with the machines that you can rent, or buy at the local supermarket or hardware store is that they don’t get the water hot enough to truly get your carpet deeply cleaned, and they don’t have the suction power to fully remove the dirt and grime from your carpet. A typical do-it-yourself machine costs roughly $300. A quality professional portable machine costs around $4,000, and most cleaners typically spend nearly $18,000 for a professional truck mount unit. Which of these systems do you think does a better job? If all of them worked the same do you think professional cleaners would spend the money for a truck mount when a $300 machine would do the same job?
  • Quality of cleaners: The quality of the cleaners that come with a do-it-yourself machine is another issue. These over the counter cleaners are designed as universal products that anyone can use and will not damage their carpet. Your local carpet cleaning professional has access to much more effective cleaners that are not sold to the public. These cleaners are supplied to qualified professionals because when used correctly they do a far better job of cleaning than any over the counter cleaner, but if used incorrectly they can damage your carpet.
  • Time: The question to ask yourself is “How much is my time worth?” Do you really want to try and save a few dollars by going out renting equipment, learning how to use it, doing the actual work, then cleaning up and taking the equipment back? Is it really worth it?

As we see the end result of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is a rug that is looks clean, but there is still dirt and environmental pollutants in your carpet. Another thing to think about is dry time. One of our customers had previously rented a machine and done her own carpet cleaning. Even thought Denver has a dry climate, and she did the carpet cleaning in the summer, her carpets were wet for 3 days.

With what we just mentioned, what are the pros of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning?

There are in our opinion 2 pros of renting or owning a carpet cleaning machine.

  1. Emergency use: This is especially true of owning a small hand held, or upright machine. This machineis perfect fordoing carpet up keep, meaning youwill not have to call that Denver carpet cleaner as much. These are lifesavers when a drink or some food is accidentally spilled on the carpet. If you have a pet, one of these little carpet cleaning machines is vital. Why do we recommend this? Because the longer a spot sits on your carpet the less likely it is to clean off. If you can treat it right away, and you Scotchgard your carpet once a year, there is a good chance you will removeall of thespot.
  2. Light Interim Cleaning: Interim cleaning is really where a do-it-yourself machine finds its niche. If you want your carpets to be cleaned every couple of months, and don’t want to hire a professional company to do the work, a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine might be what you need. Just remember that interim means not very dirty, more of a maintenance cleaning. If you are moving out of an apartment, or have not cleaned you carpet in over a year these machines won’t do. Even when doing regular interim cleaning we recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in the Denver area to do thorough cleanings every 12-18 months.

We understand that times are tough, and to hire a properly trained professional company is more than the cost of renting a machine at your local grocery or hardware store, but when you add up the machine rental, cleaners and especially your time, yes your time is valuable and should be part of the cost equation, and compare it with the quality of what you are getting you find the real VALUE of what you are getting.In the end it is your decision to make and by making sure you understand the value of what you are getting will help you make that decision.

Are you thinking about hiring a carpet cleaning company in Denver? We offer a Free 15 page Consumer Information Guide. This guide answers 5 myths about carpet cleaning, how to avoid 2 common rip-offs and 9 questions to ask a carpet cleaning company on the phone. Download your Free copy today.

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-14-2013

What to Find out about your Denver carpet cleaner, is he focused on quality, or quantity?

You have seen the sign before, “Whole house carpet cleaning $95.” These five words tell you the kind of quality you can expect. This company is trying to survive by cramming as many appointments as possible into each day. Sadly as competition for carpet cleaning in Denver gets tougher more and more companies are turning to this approach. This means the quality of work done at each home is, by necessity, of secondary importance. It is unlikely you will call this Denver carpet cleaner, but how can you avoid selecting another carpet cleaner in Denver that is preparing to put out a batch of signs?

You Get What You Pay For

Avoid any carpet cleaning company in Denver that is offering huge discounts for no apparent reason. Offering some deals or discounts is a normal business strategy to attract new customers; but massive, indiscriminate discounts guarantee a quantity-cleaning of your house.

  • Consider the quickly-declining fad of online coupons, purchased in advance, usually offering 50% off or more. These “deals” are structured by the coupon company, not the carpet cleaner. An average “deal” is $69.00 for cleaning 750 sq. feet, valued at $138.00.
  • Sounds good right? Except the coupon company has set the carpet cleaner’s original price at below normal market prices, discounted that by 50%, and then designated the lion’s share of the remainder for itself. The carpet cleaner is receiving less than the cost of equipment use, cleaning solutions, and transportation. Do you think that offering this price to everyone he works for in a month is going to generate great customer service, attention to detail, and a willingness to come back and fix any problems?

Another give-away for a quantity carpet cleaning business in Denver is advertising. The local carpet cleaning industry in Denver has lots of competition from large, nationwide companies. Many of them play the price game, offering the same specials, undercutting or price-matching another company.

  • The average carpet cleaning deal in Denver is usually set by one of the big companies. To be profitable, they utilize quantity cleaning and up-sales.
    • One large nationwide company will schedule up to 9 jobs per day for each team of technicians. They also experience a 300% annual turnover rate, meaning their average technician leaves after only four months with the company.
    • Their technicians are under pressure to sell you additional services that you were not expecting to need. This makes the actual cost to each customer higher than advertised, but the high-pressure schedule doesn’t change to accommodate the extra work, so once again, quality must suffer.
  • A willingness to undercutting and price matching another carpet cleaner in the Denver area should be a red flag.
    • A quality driven carpet cleaning company in Denver has taken the time to calculate their operating costs and expenses and has set prices that allow concentration on the quality of the work. They will be honest with you from the beginning, informing you of what services you need and what it will cost. You will be the one selecting the desired services, not the carpet cleaning technician.
    • When a company undercuts or price matches, they are conveying a simple message to you. I will sacrifice the quality of your work for my time. Sometimes they advertise to do this, but sometimes we as the consumers unintentionally tell them to do this to us.

How will this company treat you?

As soon as we have contact with a carpet cleaning company in the Denver area we begin to subconsciously keep track of all the good and bad things that happen. Small things begin to form an impression in our minds. Pay attention to these bits of information as they accumulate, because your subconscious is tying them to previous life experiences, and telling you what to expect in the future!

  1. Phone: How are you treated on the phone? This is the best you will be treated. At this point, they are trying to win your business. If the phone is not answered, message not returned, or the associate is abrasive, abrupt, or pushy, call another company.
  2. Estimate: The person giving you an estimate should help you become an educated consumer. You should feel comfortable with the work that is going to be done, know what procedures will be used and why. A company that will educate their customers will also educate their workers.
  3. Qualify the work: The truth is carpet takes a tremendous beating by everyday use. There is a chance not all of the reasons for your calling a professional can be taken care of by a simple cleaning. It may take re-dying, repair or restoration to fix an issue. A quality conscience company will always explain to you what a cleaning will do, and what potential problems might still need to be addressed.

Remember: Before a Denver carpet cleaning company is hired is when they are on their best behavior. If they are rude, irritable, indifferent or pushy at this point, they will be worse after they get your money.

Do your research

Check some reviews of a carpet cleaning company that you are considering and see what kind of things their other customers have to say. The most common way of doing this with carpet cleaning companies in Denver is looking at online reviews. Some popular sites that endorse businesses receive their income from the businesses they endorse, which means they will suffer a financial loss by withdrawing their endorsement of an unscrupulous company. Others are more objective. For example, to leave a comment on Angie’s List requires a paid membership, resulting in fairly accurate and unbiased reviews. Yet other sites are mostly known as place to blow off some steam when you’re mad. Checking around at several sites should give you a generally balanced picture of a company.

What if you cannot find any reviews for a company? Don’t be alarmed, some companies are newer than others and might not have any reviews yet. It doesn’t mean they are bad. After all, every company started some time. If you don’t find any online, and even if you do, call Denver carpet cleaning company and ask for a few references, then follow up and call them.

  • Find out what quality of work was done, if they are happy and why.
  • How long did the work take? Studies have indicated that an average truck mount extractor crew can properly clean about 900 sq. feet an hour, when you factor in prepping an area, moving items and returning things to their place.
    • If the crew was going faster than this there is a good chance that a thorough cleaning was not performed
    • If significantly slower find out if they were goofing off or wasting time on the job

Choose Quality over Quantity

Save yourself from the guy whose signs are being printed. Avoid carpet cleaning companies in Denver that play the pricing game. Avoid the “limited time” deals that are too good to be true. If a deal is not a win for everyone, including the cleaner, then it will be a loss for everyone. Trust your instincts. Do your research; know them before they know you.

By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-12-2013

Carpet Cleaning in Denver and the TACT Circle

A simple search for a reputable carpet cleaning service in Denver can quickly turn into a frustrating and overwhelming experience. One of the biggest problems that home owners face is knowing what to ask and what to look for in order to get what they want without being ripped off. Our goal is to help educate you the consumer by giving you the knowledge necessary to make your shopping more productive and less of a headache.

This blog is focusing on an aspect of carpet cleaning that often gets ignored in Denver. It is the proper use of the TACT circle. Just looking at the carpet cleaning coupons that you get in the mail from various Denver cleaners conveys the impression that all cleaning is the same, and by shopping by price alone will lead the best deal and value for your money. However many carpet cleaners who run these coupons sacrifice vital steps for doing a proper and thorough job. How so? It all involves the TACT Circle.

What is the TACT Circle?

The chart here is what is referred to as the TACT Circle. It is the idea of a German-born scientist name Dr Sinner. Though the chart is simple to understand, it has a large impact on how your carpets will look after cleaning. The chart simply states that there are four facets, which, when used together, achieve the best cleaning results.

They are:

  • Time: This refers to the amount of time the cleaners, prespray, and spotters are left on the carpet to do their work.
  • Agitation: Just as it sounds, agitation of the cleaners, allowing them to reach all sides of the carpet pile, and down deep into the carpet. This also picks up the pile for the best looking finished product.
  • Chemical Action: This involves the cleaners utilized. This is where cleaners must find a good balance, using solutions strong enough to produce effective cleaning without harming the carpets or occupants of the home.
  • Temperature: Studies have proven that after 120 degrees farenheit, for each additional 18 degrees the cleaners are heated up, their cleaning action will double. Having the proper heat, not too much or too little, will remove the most dirt and contaminants, and lead to the quickest drying times without damaging the carpets.

How does the T.A.C.T. Chart work?

Here is where the pie chart comes into play. All 4 elements are necessary to achieve the best possible results. (If your carpet cleaner skips something, you will not receive the cleaning you expected.) The four elements of a complete cleaning do not have to be in equal amounts, but the entire chart must be filled. For Each element that is reduced, another element must be increased to make up the difference. For example, if a gentler cleaning agent is desirable on a particular carpet, the chemical action section will be reduced. To compensate, time and agitation must be increased in proportion, keeping the chart full and producing the best final result.

What does this mean to you the home owner?

To begin with whenever you have your carpets, or any textiles cleaned you should be able to recognize all four of these aspects being used. If there is one missing, then you are receiving an incomplete clean. So when you are shopping for a carpet cleaning service provider in the Denver area ask them questions about the TACT Circle. Some forms of cleaners will have lots of agitation, but there is little to no heat. Others use a large truckmount extractor with lots of heat, but no agitation. This is why we use a two step cleaning process. We combine two systems, one that supplies the agitation needed to gently scrub the carpets, along with top rated hot water extractors to supply the needed heat. We combine this with proper cleaners for each situation and adequate time to let them work. This package packs the tremendous cleaning power that Dr Sinner was looking for when he created the T.A.C.T. Circle.