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By Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair 7-16-2020

How to Clean Your Upholstery

It is important to clean your upholstery regularly. It is just a fact that germs settle on surfaces where people sit and touch. For the sake of you and your family’s health, regular upholstery cleaning is a must. Allowing dust to sit on the family sofa can, in some cases, lead to respiratory issues. In addition, leaving dirt on the upholstery can attract dust mites and other unwanted pests. For this and other reasons, it is well worth your while to ensure that you clean your sofas and loveseats regularly. Or if you find that you do not have the time, experts like us at Elite Carpet Cleaning are ready to help you get the job done.

How to Clean Your Upholstery

1. Check manufacturer’s instructions

The upholstery on your furniture varies from one manufacturer to the other. It is necessary to check on the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can know the right way to clean your furniture without damaging it. In most cases, the instructions are available on tags. Letters such as (W) indicate the upholstery can be cleaned using water. (S) Implies you will need a special solvent to clean the upholstery. (WS) implies you can either use water of a solvent to clean the fabrics. (X) Indicates you should only vacuum.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery attachment

A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment should be applied to clean properly. Distilled water can be used to remove embedded dirt from your upholstery while vacuuming. Always follow the instructions on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. It should be an easy process to follow, and it will work well towards helping you keep the upholstery clean.

3. Use a light-colored microfiber cloth to remove stains

Oftentimes, there are parts of the upholstery that have developed hard stains. You can remove them using a detergent. Distilled water and white vinegar can be applied to loosen the dirt before you can then scrub it off.

4. Use an upholstery steamer

The upholstery steamer is another excellent tool you can use to thoroughly clean your furniture. Again, check the instructions on the furniture for how to best clean it before you proceed. After steaming, you need to let the fabrics dry. Of course, nothing beats the results you can get when you hire a professional for the job. With many years of experience and the right tools, Elite Carpet Cleaning will deliver thorough and meticulous results. If you want confidence that your upholstery is clean, and we mean really clean, then give us a call today!