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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 4-18-2018

How to Pick Commercial Carpet

Many companies in the commercial world have decisions to make when it comes to the space they want to occupy. Maybe you’re about to do a major remodel to your company building. Whatever the case maybe it’s important to consider your flooring options when you’re looking at a building or thinking about a remodel. One of the big decisions to make is whether to go with a hard flooring or carpet flooring. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can clean and repair any time of flooring. One of the many types of flooring we clean is commercial carpets. There are many different options when it comes to commercial carpet flooring like tiled carpet. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair wants to help you with the pros and cons to tile carpet for your business.

The first thing on the list is that it is very easy to maintain. You’ll want to care for the carpet in the same way still, meaning to vacuum it regularly and to deep clean it periodically. The thing that sets this carpet apart as different though is that it is very easy to replace certain carpet tiles that have stains on them so it’s important to make sure that you have plenty of extra tile pieces stored away in a safe place. This makes for the perfect solution if you’re wanting an office with carpet and yet need easy solutions for the mishaps that happen at the office.

Flooring that is durable is of the most important because it determines how often it needs to be replaced. There are a lot of various types of carpet tiles that have different attributes and qualities. One of them is the way the backing is made. This is the make and break of the carpet when it comes to the longevity. There are some carpet tiles that are made with a cushion back. This makes a huge difference, determining if your carpet will stand the test of time. A cushioned back makes for an absorbent material to take the impact of heavy foot traffic.

When looking at your office, you might be thinking about how you want it to look. With the colors, the design, and the look of the office there is a lot to consider. The good news is that the versatility of carpet squares is abundant. Different colors and different designs can make for the perfect office space! There isn’t anything that can’t be done when it comes to the design of your office and carpet tile square.

What if there are big stains on your carpet flooring that you don’t want to use spare carpet tiles for though? Well Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can help you with all your carpet cleaning needs. We can make your commercial carpet look like new again with a good deep cleaning and spot treatment. Call us today for a free estimate!