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Help for Removing Dents in Carpet

Have you ever gone to move or rearrange the furniture in a room only to be met with ugly compressed carpet where the furniture was? This happens naturally as heavy furniture rests on carpet over time. The weight from the furniture presses the carpet fiber down and that is what you are seeing when you remove the furniture from its place. Sometimes the sight of carpet dents is enough to make you want to just put the furniture back where it was and abandon all thoughts of rearranging. That doesn’t have to be the case! Try out this helpful trick to see if you can't just make those dents disappear.

Give Your Carpet a Blowout

Give your carpet the same treatment that you give your hair! That’s right, with the help of your blow dryer you can lift your carpet fibers back into place. Here’s how to do it.

Spray the Carpet with Water

The first step is to spray the carpet fibers down with water. Make sure that the carpet is properly saturated. The fibers will absorb the water and thus become more malleable for the next stages.

Break Out the Blow Dryer

Once the fibers are wetted down, you can begin working them into the correct position with the blow dryer. Just like you would with your hair, make sure not to let the dryer hover for too long in one spot to not scorch the fibers. As you are drying the fibers, use your fingers to manipulate the carpet into an upright position. Once the fibers are fully dried, complete the process by vacuuming over the spot.

The same principles can be applied if you wish to use a clothing iron instead. Just make sure to place a clean, white cloth over the carpet fibers as a barrier between the iron and the carpet. This will avoid burning the carpet.

And that should do the trick! Of course, there are times when furniture can leave behind more than just dents. Chairs, for example, can leave holes behind if scootched on a regular basis. If that is the case, your friends here at Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair would happily be of assistance. Give us a call to receive a free quote!