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All About Carpet Padding

The Importance of Carpet Padding

If you’ve ever wondered if carpet padding is even necessary, the answer is a resounding yes. Because you do not see the padding once your carpet is installed, it can seem like an easy thing to neglect. But the reality is that your padding actually does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to making your carpet comfortable to walk on.

Padding is also important because it is an excellent insulator. It provides a barrier between cold concrete, and it helps keep household temperatures at a consistent level, which leads to lower energy bills. Further, it is a good sound absorber, which means that it decreases sound pollution in and out of your home.

What is the Ideal Carpet Padding Thickness?

The thickness of your carpet padding depends on the level of comfort that you want to achieve. Thicker padding offers more comfort. However, you could make an exception for commercial buildings and hallways. That said, thickness measurement of half an inch or more could do for other spaces in the house.

Do I Have Options?

When choosing carpet padding, you want to ensure that it fits your taste and budget. There are varieties of carpet padding, which include:

• Bonded foam padding. It is the most popular choice of padding and thus easy to find.

• Prime foam padding. This type of padding is an excellent choice if you are on a budget. It is comfortable yet pocket friendly.

• Frothed foam padding. If you look for longevity, this padding will be your ideal choice.

• Memory foam padding. The living room and bedroom are vital spaces in the house. The memory foam padding is a suitable choice due to its great comfort.

• Fiber padding. A considerable population considers this padding for commercial spaces.

Padding goes a long way in preserving the shape and look of your carpet. Even still, over time your carpet is bound to sustain stains or develop wrinkles. When that time comes, contact Elite Carpet Cleaning for professional cleaning and repair.