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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 6-12-2018

Reduce Allergies at Home

We have been hearing again and again that this season has been a terrible season for allergies. Many have said that this has been the worst they have experienced in years. The question now comes into play: what can you do? There are a lot of factors to spring allergies that can be eliminated. Most of our time is spent indoors and then on top of that most of that time inside is spent in our home. This is where we sleep, breathe, and eat. Your home can be infiltrated with allergens in your carpet, bedding, and HVAC system. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair is your leading experts in carpet and upholstery cleaning and has the tips and tricks needed to bring some needed relief to your eyes and nose.

Dust mites are some of the biggest reasons why when you walk into your home your eyes still won’t stop itching and your nose won’t stop running. Dust mites nestle their way down into any fabric. The upholstery on your couch and the carpet you have in your home are some of the biggest homes for allergens to settle in. They don’t have to be though. Among the many things that you should clean when spring comes around is your carpet and upholstery. This will greatly reduce the effects allergies have on you in your home. You can do much yourself but having a professional clean your carpet will give you the best results.

Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can do a true deep cleaning to your carpet and then make sure that the allergens are sucked up into our incredibly strong vacuum. Other carpet cleaners can sometimes just stir the dust mites up without really getting a deep cleaning and taking them up out of your carpet. Additionally, we offer you with an anti-allergen treatment and an all-natural allergy relief treatment. This means that after we clean your carpets to get up all the allergens we can, we then are able to do an allergen treatment that changes the shape of the allergen proteins. That might not sound like a big deal but in this simple treatment we make it so that there is no allergic reaction for you. By a simple treatment that changes their shape of the protein, the antibodies that cause allergic reactions when attached to the proteins aren’t able to attach them anymore, eliminating the itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Your upholstery is the same as your carpet. Dust mites live in the fabric of your couch as well as allergen food sources. Therefore, these as well would be beneficial to have them cleaned, as well as an allergy relief treatment done. However, if your allergies are extremely bad then it would be very advantageous to clean your bedding at least once a week as well as to clean all your curtains. Because they are both fabric they similarly are a nesting ground for such allergens. Call the professionals today to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned!