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How to Tell When Carpet Is Installed Incorrectly

An improperly installed carpet can cause serious problems. There are several signs of improper carpet installation. We at Elite Carpet Cleaning know the signs of an improperly installed carpet and want to help you know what to look out for and be aware of when looking for a carpet installer.

Use of Incorrect equipment

There is special equipment that is used during carpet installation. A power stretcher is an ideal tool to use when installing carpets. A power stretcher is an elongated tool that stretches to both sides of the room. This tool is used to stretch long lengths of carpet. The power stretcher grips one side of the carpet and extends to the other side of the room. The power stretcher grips both sides and, with the use of a lever, adds pressure which stretches the carpet taut. Some carpet installers opt to use knee kickers instead of a power stretcher. A knee kicker is a smaller tool that braces against the knee. Knee kickers are for use in small spaces, ideally in areas no larger than 10ft x10ft. Using a knee kicker in a large area will result in ripples as that carpet won’t have been stretched tight. The best and most proper installation for a large area is accomplished using a power stretcher. Search for carpet installers that use a power stretcher during carpet installation.

Improper Padding Installation

In order to have a proper carpet installation, both the carpet and the padding must be installed properly. Do you have bumps, ripples, or an uneven surface? Find out what the problem is by gripping the middle of the carpet and pulling up. If you can lift it by an inch, the carpet is the problem. If you can’t pull up the carpet, then the padding underneath was not installed properly. The carpet won’t lie flat if the padding is bunched up or uneven.

Additional Signs of Problems

Carefully look at the section of carpet that connects to the wall. Look for tears, bumps, frayed edges, and other inconsistencies. That part should be straight, pristine, and undamaged. Frayed edges, bumps, and ripples in the carpet are signs that your carpet was installed by someone who was unskilled at carpet installation. It is important to ask questions when shopping for carpet. Read online reviews, find out what equipment they use, and ask if the company is certified. If you’ve already had the bad experience of having a carpet improperly installed, don’t despair. Call Elite Carpet Cleaning for repairs of frayed edges, patches, tears, and stretching.