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Carpet Repair

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When does carpet repair make sense for you?

You have worked hard to create the right environment in your home. Now that your décor is in place, every detail is set, and you are ready to relax and enjoy your home, something tragic has happened to your carpet. Maybe a four-legged family member used part of your flooring as a chew toy. Perhaps bumps are arising in your carpet, or seams are parting. Something may have snagged, cut, burned, stained, bleached, torn or discolored that beautiful floor covering you so painstakingly selected. Has all that time and effort you put into choosing your carpet been lost?

If you live in the Denver area, and you call us for carpet repair, you can most likely save yourself and your family the disruption of replacing your carpet. All the issues listed above, and many more, are actually pretty routine repairs for our well-equipped technicians.

What type of damage can be fixed with carpet repair?

Many times homeowners are unaware that carpet repair is even an option, since most carpet repairs advertised in the Denver area focus only on removing wrinkles, or buckles from carpet. This lack of exposure to carpet repair means that many are unaware of what can be repaired and what results can be achieved.

What types of issues can we fix?

  1. Frayed edges along seams
  2. Carpet buckles and/or bumps
  3. Separating seams
  4. De-lamination: In the center of a room, or along a transition from a carpeted area to a hard flooring
  5. Cuts, tears chewed areas
  6. Set stains, bleached spots and discolorations
  7. Melted and burned areas

What can you expect from your carpet repair?

Whatever mars the perfection of your carpet, we insist on inspecting your carpet before offering an estimate of the cost of your repair. Many factors are involved in providing your repair, and we want to give you the most accurate information possible about how the repair will be performed, how disruptive it may or may not be to your household, and what results you can expect. We offer free inspection and quality carpet repair in the entire Denver area.

You Do Not Need to Provide an Extra Piece of Carpeting From the Original Installation!

Sometimes a small piece of damaged carpet needs to be removed and replaced with an exact match, known as a donor piece. The donor piece can usually be obtained by stretching your carpet and trimming excess along an edge without affecting the appearance or function of your carpet. When this is not possible, we have other options we will be happy to discuss with you!

What is our goal when we do a repair?

We are not satisfied with our work unless you are thrilled. Our familyhas been providing home services in Denver for over 15 years, and we know your opinion of our services, from carpet repairs to carpet cleaning, is the life-blood of our business. Our goal is to make your carpet look beautiful again. We cannot guarantee an invisible repair, but it is what we strive for. Generally speaking:

  • Stretching should be undetectable
  • Repairs along transitions from carpet to hard floors should be unnoticeable
  • Seams and bonded inserts (patched areas) cannot be guaranteed to be invisible, but can be made to blend in with the rest of the flooring, improving its appearance.
  • Repairs will be as strong as, or stronger than, the original carpet
Results of our Carpet Repair Denver

Are your repairs guaranteed?

Yes they are. We guarantee all the workmanship on all of our repairs. Not only do we say we have a guarantee, but we provide a written and signed guarantee for every carpet repair that we do.

What is the guarantee? It’s simple, the repair is guaranteed to last for 5 years.