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Carpet Cleaning in parker, co

Many homes today have wood in them be it an old or new home. Wood is very popular in most homes. There are many different types of wood and no matter what kind you put into your home there is always going to be a measure of maintenance done. This is especially true if you have little kids and pets. Dogs are notorious for causing scratches on hardwood flooring. When this happens, you might be thinking that there isn’t much that can be done. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair knows just what to do to help the homeowners of Parker, CO. We are certified professionals that can clean and renew your original finish while filling in the scratches.

Along with our happy customer reviews we also have an award to go along with it. Angie’s List is an important consulting website for many people to see what company they really want to go with based on the reviews they have on it. We understand that it’s not about what we say but about what other people say and where they say it. On Angie’s List we were awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award meaning that we had a perfect year of customer service. Since we have started our business we always strive for a perfect year of customer service.

If you want more proof about who we are here is a review for you to check out:

“We were referred through this company by our realtor and they are fabulous. Jeff and his son did our carpets and they are so nice, they gave us a great deal to clean our carpets before our house went on the market and they didn’t try to lie to us and tell us they could get stains out of main floor living areas, they offered to try and not charge us, but that it was unlikely these stains would come out. That is what happens I guess when you have two small children running crazy in the house. But, overall this company is amazing and our basement carpets that we did have cleaned by them look amazing.”

- Christy B.