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Carpet Cleaning in littleton, co

Many of us have our favorite chair that we like to sit in when lounging around and watching TV. You grab yourself a drink, some of your favorite chips and relax. Over the years of doing this there is no telling what is in your couches’ fibers. Oils from food, people, dirt, dead skin, and of course the dog’s addition of things. We all know they get on it when we aren’t there. It doesn’t take much to see that your couch isn’t as clean as you thought it was. Littleton, CO residents have a trusted friend in the upholstery cleaning business and we know exactly how to clean your couch. My Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can make your couch look and feel like it did in the store when you picked it out.

We are more than just an upholstery cleaning company. We aren’t about the in and out for the money, but we are interested in each of our clients. We want to make sure that your experience with us is 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. This means that not just from the moment of contact until we finish but also if we do business with you in the future. No matter how many times we do work for you we want you to have the same great experience every time. So, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee to always be prompt, reasonable, and friendly. We couple that with always keeping up to date with the best cleaning technology and techniques.

If you don’t believe us though, take a look at the review below to see what others have said about us:

“These guys did a fantastic job. I needed someone to clean a used recliner that I purchased for my parents. I didn't expect miracles but just wanted to spruce it up a bit. They spent well over an hour on the chair and it came out looking like new, well beyond my expectations...”

- Dean S.