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Hard Floor – Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning in a home in Denver
A typical example of our results, before and after tile and grout cleaning

Hard flooring has many advantages in a home environment. It is very durable, easy to clean, resists food and drink spills better than, and is lower maintenance than carpet. For these reasons it is very common to see hard flooring installed in rooms that get a lot of use in homes, areas such as hallways, family rooms, kitchens and dinning rooms.

Why should hard floors be professionally cleaned?

While there are many reasons for cleaning hard floors these are the 3 main reasons for having Elite Carpet Cleaning & Repair Inc provide the hard floor cleaning in your home.

  • Regular Maintenance will make the flooring last longer

The number one cause of damage to carpet also damages hard floors; fine sand and dirt. These particles are sharp abrasives that wear on the flooring causing it to look dull and even causes permanent damage. These particles are especially damaging to resilient flooring, like vinyl and Linoleum. They will stick to soap residue that is left behind by over the counter cleaners used on resilient flooring and scratch the floor when it is walked on. A proper professional cleaning will remove these particles and the sticky soap residue they adhere to.

  • Improves the indoor health of the home

A hard floor doesn’t hold as many indoor air pollutants and dirt as a carpet does, however it does hold some, especially in grout lines. Many cleaners leave a residue that dirt and pollutants will stick to. As these build up they will form colonies of bacterial growth that will off gas into the home. Proper cleaning and a thorough rinse will remove these from the home

  • Improves appearance

Once a hard floor looks dirty, it is actually filthy. This is because the look of the floor changes gradually as it gets dirtier. By the time it starts to catch your eye it is very dirty.

Hard flooring services that we offer

Tile and Grout Cleaning

  1. Vacuum to remove large particles
  2. Application of Pre-cleaner to loosen and suspend dirt and contaminants
  3. Agitation of the grout lines with our special designed brush,
  4. Speciality edge cleaning
  5. Edge rinsing and extaction
  6. Thorough rinse of open area with our high power spinner tool

We never clean tile and grout with a mop and bucket. A mop will never collect and remove the water and suspended contaminants as well as our truck mount extractor and spinner tool will.

Optional Service: Grout sealing. (Some grouts require a 24 hour wait to be sealed after cleaning to ensure no moisture is left in the grout.)

Vinyl and Linoleum

  1. Vacuum to remove loose particles
  2. Apply pre-cleaner to loosen and suspend dirt and contaminants
  3. Scrub the floor with rotary floor machine and proper floor pad for maximum contaminant, spot and stain removal
  4. Speciality edge cleaning
  5. Edge rinsing and extraction
  6. Thorough rinse and extraction with spinner tool to remove dirt and contaminants that were suspended from the floor

We can take care of other types of specialty hard flooring, such as a concrete apoxy floor, some metal floors, natural or man made stone floors. These require us to first look at the floor, learn what your cleaning needs are and then we can suggest a method. If you have another type of flooring feel free to contact us.