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Carpet Cleaning in Aurora, co

Rug cleaning is not something you might be thinking about when you think of deep cleaning your home. However, carpet has become unpopular in homes today, which means people start to put more and more rugs in their home. Homeowners tend to place rugs in central locations of their home like the main walkway of the entrance. This means that whether you see it or not it is getting dirty and needs to be cleaned. Many rugs on the market today are expensive. Aurora, CO residents don’t have to look into purchasing new rugs or carpet when you get a stain on it. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair knows how to clean rugs and carpet of all different types.

We do more than just work hard for your service, but we also make sure that we fall into a category that only a small group of carpet cleaning companies are able to get into. Ethical Services goes through and screens each company to see which ones fall into the category of high quality service providers. Only the ones to meet those specifications can become members. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair is proud to say that we are members of Ethical Services.

If this isn’t enough for you though don’t worry. Here is one of the many reviews to testify about who we are as a family owned company:

“The technicians arrived on time and in uniform. I really like that they didn’t have any tattoos, piercings, or crazy hair. Great! The cleaning went beyond what I would normally expect form a carpet cleaning company. My carpets looked good after the cleaning and the tough ink and water stains look better after their cleaning.”

- Carrie S.