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Carpet Cleaning in henderson, co

The health of your home is important. We all want our homes to be clean and have good health. It is the air we breathe, the place we sleep, and the time we spend in our home that makes its health important to us. One third of our life is spent sleeping. That alone tells us how much time we are spending in it at a minimum. But what if you didn’t know that the flooring your feet walk on every day wasn’t in good health. That the flooring your kids lay their face on wasn’t clean. The carpet in your home contributes to the health in your home. With carpet, there is much room for dirt and particles that aren’t good for our health to settle into it. Homeowners of Henderson, CO don’t have to worry though, Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair has all the tools and experience to bring your carpet back to good health with a good carpet cleaning. This in turn makes your home healthy too.

We are a company that provides you with more than just a service, we are a company that is about making every customer happy. One of the many ways we are able to do this is by giving a SPOT and SPILL 30-day guarantee. This means that if after we leave you accidently get a spill or spot on your carpet we will come back and clean it for free. We always recommend that you try and get the stain out first with the complimentary spot cleaning bottle we leave with each of our customers. If that doesn’t work though, just give us a call and it will be free of charge.

This is a foreign concept to many people, but we are always truthful. Just take a look at the review below to get it confirmed:

“I've now used Elite Carpet cleaning four times in the past two years. They are a family-run business of father and son. I use them for my personal residence and also for a rental property. Compared to prior cleaning services, they are more transparent and thorough. There isn't any "gotcha" pricing where you end up paying $50 extra since you have some weird carpet condition…”

- Wade O.