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Carpet Cleaning in commerce city, co

Your carpet is the life of your home. It is where your family gets together to sit around the couch to play games or watch TV. It’s where you have those big family dinners in the room you never use. However, it can quickly become a place that you don’t want to be in. Our little furry creatures can often be the reason for that. When they have accidents inside the home on your carpet it can start to smell. This can be especially the case if they continue to do so around the house or even in the same spot. Residents in Commerce City, CO don’t have to keep living with the stains and smells left by your animals. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair knows just how to get rid of the smells and stains at the root of your carpet.

When you’ve just got your carpets cleaned everything looks and feels like they are brand new. You’ve got rid of stains that have been there for years. In that moment it feels good. However, a day or two later you see that there is one starting to come back. This is never to anyone’s liking. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair is always upfront with our customers about which stains might come back. We then also let you know that we have a 10-day guarantee for those exact situations. We want you to call us and let us know, we will come out and work on it for free.

This type of thing seems to be unusual for a carpet cleaning company, but we aren’t lying. Just take a look at some of our reviews like the one below to see that we’re telling the truth:

“Jeff and his wife are amazing at what they do! Extremely friendly, great service, and if you aren't satisfied with anything at all they will come back and make sure you're happy! …”

- Colleen P.