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Carpet Cleaning in golden, co

When you take a look at your carpets it might not seem like there is much life left in it. There is more than just the surface of your carpet that you must consider though. Carpet life expectancy is more than just what the surface of it shows. Your carpets life expectancy is actually dependent on the type pf padding you have underneath. Your carpet will only last as long as your padding does. If your carpet padding is still good, then your carpet has life in it. This means that all your carpet really needs is a good cleaning to make it look like new again. Golden, CO residents have a trusted friend who can provide amazing results. Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair can make your carpet feel and look like new!

When you get your carpets cleaned there is nothing worse than having one of the kiddos and pets get a fresh new stain on it. This can be very frustrating seeing as you just spent all the money to get them cleaned. Don’t worry though we aren’t a company that is about getting every nickel and dime which is why we leave you with a complimentary spotter bottle for such a moment. This doesn’t always work though, and Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair understands that. We provide you with a SPOT and SPILL 30-day guarantee where we will come back and clean any spot for free.

We know that we aren’t your typical carpet cleaners but that doesn’t mean we aren’t real. Here is a review to prove it:

“… They are by far the best Carpet cleaning business I have had come to my house!! I love the way the house smells after they clean my carpets and they look brand new. I have no hesitation recommending them - great professionals and awesome cleaning!”

- Angela R.