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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 3-11-2021

How do you self treat spots in your carpet without damaging it?

At Elite Carpet Cleaning and Repair, we are focused on providing each customer a smooth and worry-free experience.In line with this, we created a 5Star Guarantee to make sure you are satisfied before, during, and after our work is done. Keeping our homes’ environment clean and healthy is a... [read more]

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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 3-5-2015

Carpet Cleaning What makes The Responsible Care System Effective

We’ve all been there; searched the shelves, read the ingredient labels, checked the on-line reviews, and made the purchase– only to find out that the product we bought doesn’t do the job. This is one of the most frustrating parts of being an allergy sufferer. So we want... [read more]

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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 2-23-2015

Carpet Cleaning Allergy Relief Cleaning System

Why do we offer The Responsible Care®System? Quite simply we offer The Responsible Care®System because we tested it on our own homes and it works. Like many of our valued clients, our family has allergy problems and concerns that vary from light symptoms to severe reactions that... [read more]

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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 5-24-2013

Carpet Stretching in Denver Part 2 Carpet Stretching and Seams

How is carpet stretching related to seam issues? While carpet stretching will solve problems in your carpet like wrinkling and bubbling, it can also showcase some other issues that your carpet may be hiding. As we talked about in our Carpet Stretching in Denver Part 1 blog... [read more]

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By Elite Carpet Cleaning 4-24-2013


Is carpet cleaning a DYI project? How often should it be cleaned? Does it matter who I choose or what cleaning method is used? This guide will answer these four common questions and will provide tips on how to keep your home healthy as well as help... [read more]

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